Sipping Wine & Saving Lives

Bar Dog Wine Gives Back to Animal Shelters Across Ontario.

It’s no secret helping worthy causes makes your day a little brighter. Although you may be wondering exactly how you can experience that famous feel-good factor. 

Bar Dog is a Californian winery passionate about supporting animal organizations. They work alongside the Petfinder Foundation to support animal shelters across Ontario. With every bottle of wine sold, a donation goes towards a grant for one of five charities. 

Keep reading to learn more about the charities, plus Bar Dog’s drool-worthy wines!


How Do Bar Dog’s Donations Help Animal Shelters?

Across Ontario, countless animals are at risk of losing their life to illness, abuse, euthanization or neglect. Bar Dog’s partnership with the Petfinder Foundation awards grants to no-kill charities, enabling them to purchase pet food, essential supplies and vital veterinary treatment. 

From cats and dogs to our smallest animal companions, this money helps them to live a happier, healthier and safer life until they’re adopted. This means every animal gets another shot at life – in their forever home!


Bar Dog Gives Back to 5 Animal Shelters Across Ontario





Happy’s Place: Retirement Home for Dogs  

Happy’s Place is a retirement home in Strathroy for dogs at risk of euthanasia because of old age, chronic illness, special needs, or those whose guardians can no longer look after them. They provide top-class care and medical treatment while helping our four-legged friends complete their golden years' bucket list. Happy’s Place also strives to build relationships between people and older dogs to promote wellness and happiness for all.


5-Nov-10-2022-09-04-43-0468-PM-1Ladybird Animal Sanctuary 

Committed to helping cats, dogs, and small animals live healthier, happier lives, Ladybird Animal Sanctuary in Hamilton has rescued 1,481 animals since 2011. Their focus is on providing care for “hard-to-adopt” animals, seniors, and those with costly medical issues. Many are eventually adopted, though others simply become permanent residents of the animal shelter, receiving full vet care, medicine, supplies, and plenty of love.


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Fetch & Release Dog Rescue

Fetch & Release is a volunteer-run charity founded in Mississauga to provide dogs in danger of homelessness, abuse, neglect or euthanasia with a second chance at a happy life. Their pups receive care, love and attention in meticulously selected, private foster homes across Ontario including Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville and Brampton, before being matched with their forever family.


2-Nov-10-2022-09-04-43-0647-PMGrey Bruce Animal Shelter 

Meaford’s Grey Bruce Animal Shelter provides a temporary home for up to 10 surrendered or rescued pups from Grey and Bruce Counties. While providing endless kisses, care, shelter, and treatment, the volunteers work tirelessly to find suitable adoptivehomes for all animals.



Ottawa Dog Rescue

Founded on the premise of providing foster-based care for all dog breeds, Ottawa Dog Rescue helps abandoned, abused and surrendered pups in the nation’s capital. While each dog enjoys a life of luxury in a temporary foster home, the team sources a well-matched and carefully screened forever home.


Bar Dog Wines Supporting Ontario’s Animal Shelters


Bar Dog Chardonnay



Partial to a glass of white wine? Bar Dog Chardonnay is brimming with irresistibly creamy and rich flavours. From Crème brûlée to baked apple, and a welcome touch of buttery caramel, this Californian gem is certainly a winter warmer. We recommend pairing it with a deliciously seasoned, slow-roasted chicken – a fabulous dish both you and your canine companion can enjoy.


Bar Dog Cabernet Sauvignon


If white wine doesn’t excite your senses, Bar Dog Cabernet Sauvignon is a great alternative. Comprising fresh blueberry aromas, the sweetness is offset by a bitter kick of cocoa on the tongue. Ripe plum also helps to bring a balanced taste to this beautiful Californian beverage. This is certainly a wine you’ll long to keep right by your side – much like man’s best friend.

With every sip of Bar Dog wine, you ultimately relish the “helper’s high” of saving an animal from illness, abuse, euthanization or neglect. There’s no better feeling than that, is there?

Visit the Azureau website to pick up your favourite bottle of Bar Dog wine and join the pack that gives back to animal shelters across Ontario!