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Who We Are

When Life Gives You Pickles...

Azureau started out in an old pickle factory. Like all start ups cash was lean in the early years and I didn’t have a garage at my disposal so I sublet office space in the old Bick’s Pickle Factory in Scarborough. I still recall the faint briny aroma in that space as I hustled solo to get the business off the ground.

Meet the Team

Founder's Story

“I started Azureau in 2008 after four amazing years working at Vincor International where I managed marketing for some of Canada’s biggest wine brands. When Vincor was purchased by Constellation Brands I decided it was time to go out on my own. The most humbling moment in the experience of a first time entrepreneur is to realize everything you have done to date—the important companies you’ve worked for, people you know, brands you’ve touched—are only building blocks for the future. The momentum and gravitas from working for someone else quickly evaporates and all that’s left if what you’re going to do moving forward. What unique perspective or value will you add to the marketplace?”

A Solemn Responsibility

“Ours is an industry built on passion. Every bottle captures the history, culture, and vision of winemakers & distillers. Coming from the advertising industry where ideas are born and expire constantly, I fell in love with the wine and spirits business in 2003 when I took a job at Vincor Internationals. I learned the alcohol trade there from the very creators of the industry in Canada. Names like Jackson, Triggs, and Ziraldo don’t simply conjure brands for me. They remind me that behind every bottle sits generations of tradition, thousands of hours of effort, and a deep desire for consumers to appreciate the crafted nature of a product. When I started Azureau in 2008 I discovered that representing a winery or distillery goes beyond a business relationship. It is a sign of solemn trust put in Azureau to care for that brand in all we do.”

Trust Above All Else

From the earliest days our philosophy at Azureau has been to curate a portfolio that represents the very best of a category . . . or don’t enter that category at all. That means we interview dozens of suppliers—and vet them with real market feedback—before adding them to our portfolio.
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