Vinos Guerra Classic Red Vermouth

Red Wine

Produced from two indigenous grapes, Mencia and Godello, the flavours are perfect for sipping or mixing in a cocktail.  Chocolate with dried fruit aromas, shared with pinewood spice on the palate and a lingering rich finish.


Guerra, who initially produced this Vermouth from 1879 until the 1960s, has now resurrected and relaunched this classic style from the century-old recipe. Produced with the Godello grape and using two different techniques, maceration and hydro-alcoholic solutions (the result of distilling), the wine selected is then added with more than 40 extracts of herbs, roots, flowers, spices and fruit. 


Lying somewhere between vermouth and Amaro, much of the excitement surrounding this resurgence is driven by variety and versatility. 

The Finer Points


Red Wine


Mencia and Godello



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Food Pairings

Milder or soft cheeses, cured hams and sausages, mussels, squid and sardines.


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