Vinos Guerra Classic Dry Vermouth


Vinos Guerra Classic Dry Vermouth is a classic dry white Vermouth with earthy notes enhanced by refreshing acidity from the Godello grape. Combine with fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and some muddled orange. 


Beautifully bright and clean.  Elegant bouquet with hints of ripe and stone fruit coming through.  Balsamic and herbal notes with fennel, nutmeg, coffee, cinnamon and citrus fruit. Fresh and round with a lively mouthfeel.  Medium body and well-balanced with a good backbone. The perfect harmony between freshness and fine bitter notes. Lingering and dry finish with clean and elegant aromas.


Guerra, who initially produced this Vermouth from 1879 until the 1960s, has now resurrected and relaunched this classic style from the century-old recipe. Produced with the Godello grape and using two different techniques, maceration and hydro-alcoholic solutions (the result of distilling), the wine selected is then added with more than 40 extracts of herbs, roots, flowers, spices and fruit.  

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Olives with fennel, anchovies and artichokes, a range of antipasti, crostini and Greek meze.


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