Neleman Signature Chardonnay-Verdil

White Wine

Delicious blend of Chardonnay, complemented by the local hero, Verdil. Thanks to the aging in yeast cells, the wine gets a full, rich structure without becoming unwieldy or heavy. The freshness of the Verdil in combination with the full, richer taste of the Chardonnay makes this wine perfectly balanced.


Striking golden colour, it is complex and has a high flavour content; juniper, pear, melon, quince and lemongrass. Very aromatic and mouth-filling with low acidity.


Bodegas Neleman offers a range of organic–vegan–carbon neutral wines that reflect a strong belief: wine is a heady celebration of creativity, art, nature, time, delicious taste, and ecologically-sound thinking. Utilizing traditional techniques such as dry-farming, their vines are forced to work hard, casting deeper roots in search of water - the deeper and better the quality of the grapes.

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White Wine




Chardonnay, Verdil

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Food Pairings

Perfect with a spicy gnocchi, sage and rosemary. The creamy mayonnaise under the gnocchi finds its partner in the creamy character of the wine


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