Neleman Amistad Verdejo

White Wine

Fresh and fruity, Neleman’s Amistad Verdejo is a tropical white wine ready to brighten your day with bold aromas and tantalizing flavours. A gentle swirl of the glass and the nose awakens with the exotic smell of sweet, fresh pineapple. Each sip then delivers the sourness of green apple balanced by the earthy taste of freshly cut grass. Bright, uplifting and somewhat invigorating, consider this the ideal tipple to shake off the afternoon slump in the sunshine.

Top-class charcuterie wine pairing is easy with this sublime summer drink as light white wines pair with a variety of foods. Although we’d recommend trying salty meats like prosciutto and mild cheeses, such as double Gloucester or gouda.

At Azureau, we’ve stocked the finest wines from the world’s wineries since 2008. Needless to say, we’re delighted to add Neleman Organic Wines to our collection.

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White Wine





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Delicious with fried foods and tzatiziki, shellfish, fresh cheeses, vegetables, spicy foods, or salad—or just enjoy it on its own on a hot day!


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