Savour the final weeks of Summer with these Four Wines

Delectable wine can be enjoyed all year round, but there’s something pretty magical about pouring a glass in the summer months. The sun beating down, your favourite nibbles at arm’s reach and great company by your side – these are the moments we truly treasure, and now is the time to seize and savour the final weeks of the season.

We know firsthand that it can be tricky to choose the best wines for summer. So, in this blog, we’ll uncover our favourites as well as share how to master your charcuterie wine pairing.

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Savour Summer with these Spanish Wines

At Azureau, we now stock some of the finest wines from Neleman Organic Wines, Spanish winemakers located in Casas de Cabriel. Aside from their delectable flavours and drool-worthy aromas, Neleman’s commitment to producing organic, vegan-friendly and sustainable wines with a low climate footprint makes them world-renowned wine producers. Some of our best wines for summer derive from their incredible collection.


Neleman Viognier-Verdil 

For white wine lovers, Neleman’s Viognier-Verdil is a must-have. This unusual tipple combines two grape varieties for an unbelievably unique flavour. The Viognier variety makes up 40% of the wine, bringing a delightfully soft taste and round mouthfeel. With 60% Verdil variety, an almost-extinct grape, each mouthful feels wonderfully refreshing and uplifting. The perfect marriage of European grapes makes this one of the best wines for summer.

If you’re looking for the perfect charcuterie wine pairing, it’s got to be something rich and creamy, such as brie or Boursin.


2021 Neleman Amistad Verdejo 

Fresh and fruity, Neleman’s Amistad Verdejo is a tropical white wine ready to brighten your day with bold aromas and tantalizing flavours. A gentle swirl of the glass and the nose awakens with the exotic smell of sweet, fresh pineapple. Each sip then delivers the sourness of green apple balanced by the earthy taste of freshly cut grass. Bright, uplifting and somewhat invigorating, consider this the ideal tipple to shake off the afternoon slump in the sunshine.

Top-class charcuterie wine pairing is easy with this sublime summer drink as light white wines pair with a variety of foods. Although we’d recommend trying salty meats like prosciutto and mild cheeses, such as double Gloucester or gouda.


Pink Glasses Rosé 

It’s not surprising Neleman’s Pink Glasses Rosé made it into our exclusive list of the best wines for summer. This certified organic pink wine is made with delightful grenache grapes, also known as Garnacha, a variety grown in Valencia, Spain. It’s fun, fresh and fruity without an overpowering sweetness. With each sip, the senses are awakened with uplifting flavours, delicately cleansing the palate. 

For those charcuterie wine pairing fanatics, we’d recommend adding slightly more oriental flavours or small tapas delights to complement this refreshing tipple. Whichever you choose, this is the perfect drink to enjoy on a warm summer’s evening, dreaming of European getaways


30 Wishes Tempranillo 

Neleman’s brand is not only fresh and modern, but wonderfully exuberant, and their 30 Wishes Tempranillo is no exception. Featuring 30 wishes displayed on the bottle, simply tick the boxes that apply before pouring a glass or giving it as a gift. A fabulous wine for any occasion. Aside from the creativity in its next-level design, the unique taste is why this gem is on our list of best wines for summer. Made with dry Tempranillo grapes from three different plots, the blend results in a light and fruity red wine. Enjoy the unique flavours of red fruits, gentle spices and plenty of herbs as you sit back and enjoy the summer months.

Working on your charcuterie wine pairing? Tempranillo wines are particularly dry, meaning they work wonderfully alongside Spanish cheeses such as Manchego.


At Azureau Wines & Spirits, we’ve proudly stocked the finest wines from the world’s wineries since 2008. Needless to say, we’re delighted to add Neleman Organic Wines to our collection. 

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