What Are The Best Vegan Wines?

Have you ever tried vegan wine? Did you know that there are actually wine brands that aren’t vegan?

If you’re interested in learning about vegan wine, keep reading. Everything you need to know, including suggestions for some of the best vegan wines in Ontario, is explained below.

What Is Vegan Wine?

Vegan wine is a type of wine that is made without any animal products.

Many people don’t realize that some wines are made with animal products. After all, what else could be in their favourite bottle of red or white besides grapes and yeast?

What Is the Difference Between Vegan Wine and Normal Wine?

It turns out, most winemakers make their products with fining agents like egg whites and casein (a type of protein found in milk), which are not suitable for vegans. These products are used to remove tiny sediment particles that aren’t removed during the typical wine filtration process.

Instead of relying on animal-based products, vegan winemakers must use other fining agents, such as bentonite clay and pea protein. Some also choose to leave the leftover particles in the wine and let them sink to the bottom.

How Do I Know if a Wine Is Vegan?

Not too long ago, if you wanted to feel confident that you were drinking vegan wine, you’d have to get in touch with the winemaker themselves and ask them about their process. Luckily, these days, it’s much easier to tell whether or not a bottle of wine is vegan-friendly.

In response to the growing demand for plant-based and vegan products, lots of winemakers are noting on their bottles’ labels whether or not the product was made using animal-based fining agents.

Many wine retailers, including Azureau, also have entire sections of their websites dedicated to vegan wines. This makes it easy for shoppers to find a bottle that suits their needs and tastes great.

The Best Vegan Wine Selection Carried by Azureau

Whether you’re looking for a great vegan white wine, vegan red wine, or vegan rosé, Azureau has something for you. The following are some of the best vegan wine brands we offer:


Located in the Mendoza region of the Uco Valley in Argentina, Portillo (which means “path” or “gateway” in Spanish) produces a variety of high-quality, vegan-friendly wines.

Two of their most popular vegan wines are the Salentein Portillo Sauvignon Blanc, which is crisp and refreshing with notes of pineapple and exotic fruit, and the Salentein Portillo Pinot Noir, which is a fruity red accented with delightfully spicy notes.  


Those who are looking for a good vegan rosé should look no further than Bierzo’s Vinos Guerra Rosado.

This rosé is fresh and bright, with notes of berry, citrus, and bramble. It has a refreshing finish and fragrant aroma, making it a great choice for any season or occasion. 

Bierzo also offers red and white wines. The Vinos Guerra 1879 Mencia features red and black fruit flavours with notes of bramble, and the Armas de Guerra Godello is a round and well-balanced white with fresh fruit, spice, and mineral notes.

Rioja Vega

Rioja Vega produces a wide range of vegan-friendly wines that are perfect for any occasion.

Their Estate Selection Semi-Crianza is a popular red option that’s made with red and black fruit and features a silky smooth texture.

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