Vintage Wine Estates


Terry Wheatley, President, Vintage Wine Estates

Terry Wheatley oversees all commerce channels for Vintage Wine Estates portfolio of wines including domestic and international wholesale, direct-to-consumer, exclusive labels, wine telesales, clubs and winery tasting rooms. Recognized as one of the wine industry’s “2016 Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink” by Fortune and Food & Wine Magazines, Terry is known for her deep respect for wine and the range of capabilities and strategies she employs to create, develop, promote, and sell them. Terry was named “Innovator of the Year” by Wine Enthusiast in 2018 for her career-spanning dedication to innovation in the wine, spirits and beverages industries.


Vintage Wine Estates, Rooted in Innovation and Terroir

Vintage Wine Estates is a family of wineries and wines whose singular focus is producing the finest quality wines and incredible customer experiences. With wineries throughout Napa, Sonoma, California’s Central Coast, Oregon and Washington State, we welcome you to our storied properties. And we cordially invite you to experience our wines, wherever you are, to enjoy with family and friends.