Vinos Guerra

Our Story

Antonio Guerra was an entrepreneur from León, Spain and believed in innovation to build the future. He was a pharmacist and a visionary who understood and valued the potential of the vineyards of Bierzo. This was long before appellations, architectural design of wineries, wine tours and poetic back labels even existed. Antonio was applying revolutionary wine making techniques and marketing long before anyone else. Vinos Guerra showed the virtues of Bierzo wines to the world.


The region of Bierzois located in the northwest of the Spain, in the province of León.The vineyards are located in prime areas with different soils and altitudes, ensuring the selection of the best grapes for each wine. Most of the vineyards contain old bush vines of at least 40 years old. However, the trellis system (wire-trained vines) is common in younger vineyards (15 years old). The average altitude is 600 metres above sea level on steep south facing slopes.