Paco & Lola

Our Story


Paco & Lola is a young and modern winery committed to a different way of making and experiencing wine. Founded in 2005, the cooperative is called Sociedad Cooperativa Vitivinícola Arousana and has over 400 members who grow grapes in the DO Rías Baixas region. This region is located on the north of Spain, close to the Atlantic Ocean.

Since 2010 the winery is working with partners of the Life Project “Viñas Atlánticas” (Life + Atlantic Vineyards). This is an innovative project that involves all winemakers to minimize the use of chemical products, through different techniques and coordinated actions within a System of Environmental management.


The vines on this estate grow tall enough for a grape picker to stand underneath and the vines form a horizontal trellis. This is to allow maximum use of sunlight, good aeration and to keep the vine off the soil.

Since its inception, Paco & Lola has opted for sustainable production by carrying out integrated management of vine cultivation. This is a plus in terms of sustainability and respect for the environment.