Odfjell Vineyards

Our Story

Inspired by the exploring spirit of the Vikings, Odfjell strives to make wines of the highest quality for those who have the souls of explorers, while respecting the earth, the processes, and the people in accordance with practices of sustainability.
The organic and biodynamic management of their properties enables Odfjell to produce unique wines while respecting the identity of the place where they are grown. This is reflected in the sense of origin found in every bottle they make.


Odfjell’s original vineyards are located in Padre Hurtado, in the Maipo Valley.  These 85 hectares have stony alluvial soils, and a cooler Mediterranean microclimate generated by the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean..

Ribera del Río Claro is in the Lontué Valley, where Chile’s oldest Malbec vineyards are located. The 8.4-hectare vineyard has clay soils; 6.5 hectares are planted to 60-year old Malbec vines. The crystalline water of the Claro River run next to the vineyards and creates a cooler microclimate for the vineyards, enabling a slow and delicate maturation.

The century-old Tres Esquinas vineyard has 18 hectares of vineyards in the traditional Cauquenes zone of the Maule Valley, including old Carignan vines planted more than 100 years ago. While a majority of Odfjell’s vines are trellised, Cauquenas favours a gobelet system.

Because of the challenging landscape, Odfjell’s Norwegian fjord horses play a fundamental role in all the vineyards.


The unique gravity-flow winery was designed by Laurence Odfjell, the son of the winery’s founder, and marked a turning point in the architecture and functionality of Chilean wineries. The winery was the first in South America to employ a gravity-flow system to ensure the gentle handling of the fruit throughout the winemaking processes.

Odfjell are convinced that it is their duty and responsibility to leave a better planet for future generations. Everything from growing to winemaking to bottling is done with respect and care for every component of the ecosystem.