José Parienté

Our Story


In the 1960s, José Pariente began producing artisanal white wines from quality grapes located in Rueda. His aim was to fully understand the production of white wines from the region that is know for its rugged soil and continental climate. The result is aromatic wines known for their touch of minerality and delicious round flavours. José’s desire to produce great white wines is still the vision of the present-day winery, which his daughter Victoria Pariente established in 1998.

The wine world is changing in many ways, and one major evolution is the handing over the reigns to the next generation of young wine makers. At José Pariente the third generation has taken over with Ignacio (who runs the export and business operations) and Martina (winemaker) bringing a clear generational shift to their wines, experimenting and using modern techniques and technology to set themselves apart from other wines.


In 2008 the winery opened a new production house between Rueda and La Seca, which commands spectacular views over the vineyards and far beyond. The facility is equipped with the latest technology to ensure the highest standards are used in the winemaking process and to bring out the distinctive features of each wine.