Herdade Do Rocim

Our Story


Herdade do Rocim is an estate located in the Lower Alentejo, just 2 hours north of Lisbon and a half hour drive to the Atlantic Ocean.

The estate consists of 120 hectares, 70 of which are vineyards and 10 of olive trees. Within the 70 hectares, 53 hectares are planted with red grape varieties and 17 hectares of white grapes. Some vineyards are certified organic and a significant area is in the process of conversion to organic production.


The Vidigueira fault, a natural landmark which marks the border between Upper and Lower Alentejo, creates an East-West facing escarpment of 50 kilometers in length, making it one of the most temperate sub-regions in the Alentejo.


All the viticulture operations at the Herdade do Rocim are carried out manually, always respecting the terroir and sustainability principles. From winter pruning through to harvest, the human hand has a key role.

During the aging stage of the wines, larger barrels, terracotta and cement amphorae are used to ensure the fruit and terroir are given maximum respect to produce the fresh and elegant wines of Herdade do Rocim.