Distilleries Domaines De Provence

Our Story


For over 100 years Distilleries et Domaines de Provence has been making aperitifs and spirits in France’s rural Provence region. Harvesting by hand, selecting the best grape bunches, using traditional pot stills and ensuring demanding standards are achieved are still the order of the day.


Located in Forcalquier, the capital of flavours and fragrances, situated between mountains and scrublands, it is obvious where the subtle blend of many flavours originates. It comes from one of the most fragrant regions of France, where expertly selected ingredients are combined to make products worthy of the “Made in Provence” label.


Distilleries et Domaines de Provence marry traditional recipes with modern manufacturing processes. The aperitifs and spirits are made by the maceration and distillation of carefully selected fruits and plants. The aperitifs are wine-based made from the grapes of the Provence region.