Clos Pegase

Our Story


Founded in 1983, Clos Pegase has long been a go-to producer for expertly crafted, classically styled Napa Valley wines. Located just down the road from the town of Calistoga and nestled among estate vineyards, Clos Pegase has always been known for its great estate grown and bottled wines.

Within the winery are 20,000 square feet of caves dug into the volcanic knoll. The entire winery was designed with the grand portico entrance acting like a dividing line that separates the southern side focused on the production of wine and the northern side focused on the enjoyment of wine.


The 450 acres are made up for four vineyards located on prime land. From the rolling hills of Los Carneros in the southern Napa Valley to the foothills and valley floor of northern Napa, the right grape is matched to the right vineyard location to ensure the terroir is respected. By working with these same four vineyards over the decades the viticultural and winemaking teams know the nuances that can be brought out in each wine leading to an unmatched style and level of quality.