Cantine Riondo

Our Story


Established in 2008 Cantine Riondo is one of the largest and most important wine producers in Italy. An undisputed leader of viticulture in the Veneto region with over 6,000 hectares of vineyards that are managed daily by more than 2,200 associated farmers.

The mission of the company is to distribute excellent Veneto wine by focusing on the quality of the products for its consumers.

The four brands represented are:

  • LUNARDI produces light, fruit-forward DOC wines which are ideal for sipping and serving alongside light dishes.
  • CASTELFORTE is dedicated to producing full body DOC wines. The name “Castelforte” is a fusion of the Italian words for castle and fort in honour of the castle and fortified walled town of Soave.
  • CASA BURDI makes sparkling wines. The name comes from the original founding family of what is today Cantine Riondo.
  • RIONDO creates charmat method sparkling wines, including the very popular Prosecco.


Collis-Riondo vineyards cover all the main production zones of Veneto region, from Valpolicella in the north of Verona, to Soave in the east of the city up to the province of Vicenza and Padua where Prosecco grows. This is one of the most productive regions in Italy and a genuine jewel in the winemaking world.