Bodegas Roda

Our Story


In the late 1980s a new generation of winemakers arrived in Rioja to renew the vine and wine industry. Mario Rotllant and Carmen Daurella started their winery with the intention of bringing innovation into winemaking. This is where a fascinating, ambitious and unprecedented adventure began: Bodegas Roda.

An unrelenting pursuit of modernity with a deep respect for the past would be a cliché if the visionary owners of Bodegas Roda didn’t back up the credo with such extraordinary commitment. From industry leading investments in viticultural R&D to an inspiring project to map Rioja’s massively diverse, and shrinking, Tempranillo genome, Roda truly leads the way. For a Spanish winery that is just decades old to leap to Icon status can only be due to a passion lead by the heart and soul.


Bodegas Roda is located close to Haro, on the edge of the Ebro River, in the Rioja wine region. The vineyards are located throughout different ecosystems and range from altitudes of 380m to 650m above sea level.


The old vines of Tempranillo, Graciano and Garnacha, native varieties of Rioja, are Roda’s distinguishing marks. Due to the heat in this part of Spain the vineyards are trained in the classic Rioja “bush vine” formation. The bush vines provide a canopy which shades the grapes from harsh sunlight. Knowledge of the vineyards and the meticulous care throughout the winemaking process culminate in the wines of Roda that perfectly reflects their landscape.