Duca di Saragnano Sir Passo Toscana Rosso

White Wine

Duca di Saragnano Sir Passo Toscana Rosso was created  “as an attempt to surprise and delight with new flavours, tastes and aromas”, and we can't agree more. 

It is a wine with an intense red colour characterized by unique, very strong and decisive aromas, which come close to those of ripe red fruits such as cherry and black cherry. The taste is velvety and leaves a pleasant softness that makes it suitable to accompany your favourite Italian dishes.

Leading Italian wine critic Luca Maroni gives this Tuscan Cab-Sangiovese blend a 98 point score. Anyone familiar with the wines of Duca Di Saragnano knows they do not disappoint. Clearly, they put the Super in Super Tuscan! 

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White Wine





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Food Pairings

Spicy meats, Mushrooms, Tomato-based pasta dishes, Asiago, Bel Paese, Olives, Pancetta, Prosciutto and Pizza.


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