Cocchi Vermouth Di Torino Dry – LIMITED EDITION

After years of waiting, Vermouth di Torino Dry Cocchi is finally available! Born from a collaboration between some of the best barmen in the world and Cocchi's oenologists and botanists; this unique product intertwines the traditional Italian art of winemaking and botany with the knowledge of international blending. 


Starting from a conversation in one of the best bars in the world, focused on the fundamental characteristics of the perfect Martini, the Cocchi team embarked on a research journey starting from the recipe book of the founder Giulio Cocchi. The first Dry Vermouth produced by Cocchi after over 40 years has quickly become a cult product in the bartender community. 


With its unique recipe and infusion of rare spices, Vermouth di Torino Dry Cocchi is enriched with citrus, bergamot and alpine herbs from Piedmont which give floral notes and a delicately dry body.


Born with the aim of perfectly balancing an elegant gin or a premium vodka in a Martini cocktail, the Vermouth di Torino Dry Cocchi can also be enjoyed alone or with ice. The characteristic flavour of the new Vermouth di Torino Dry Cocchi gives an inimitable character to the legendary Martini cocktail and enhances classic drinks such as Martinez, El Presidente, Bronx and many others.

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