Mont Ferrant

Our Story


Gleva owns many of the finest wineries which produce quality wines and cava in Spain. History is long as the family has been making wine for over 500 years. Today, their philosophy is to acquire great bodegas and continue to build and improve upon the bodega’s rich history and winemaking skills and techniques—harvest after harvest. They are in essence caretakers of these bodegas as they are well aware that their stewardship will only account for a short chapter in the life of the bodega. Their goal is to foster and enhance what is there in order to pass it down to the next generation… and the next.


Mont-Ferrant is one of the oldest cava producer in Spain. Over 150 years dedicated to the creation of quality sparkling wines while strictly adhering to traditional methods, the resulting wines have breath-taking personality, marked by strong acidity and an exceptional capability for laying down.

The history of this project is inseparable from the town of Tiana in the region of the Sierra de Marina mountain range. Situated just north of Barcelona, and only a few kilometres from the sea and characteristic sandstone soil, this region is perfect for small wineries with low intensity production. In 1986 the first Titiana was produced using grapes from some of the first Chardonnay vines ever planted in Spain.