Mahon Gin (Gin Xorigeur)

Our Story

Welcome to the world of Mahón gin from Xoriguer.

Using the same centuries old recipe, this gin sings of a breathtaking environment and an envied way of life.  The history of Mahón gin is inseparable from that of the legendary port city. In the 1700’s, Great Britain took over Mahón, for its deep water port; this is where our story really begins.​

Mahón’s naval base teemed with thirsty British sailors. Around 1750, local craftsmen obliged by producing gin. The distinctive Mahón recipe using grape based spirits was soon reputed for its smoothness. By the time Britain left, gin had long since become the island drink.


By the 1900s, few distilleries were left in Mahon with the main one having burned down.  A surviving employee, Miguel pons Justo, rescued the business and the original gin recipe, thus founding “Xoriguer,” named after the family windmill.

Artisanal and true to their craft, operations have changed very little. The distillery still operates in the harbour front distillery rebuilt in 1910 by Miguel Pons on the foundations of the original one destroyed by fire.

Xorigeur is one of only two geographically designated gins in the world, known as I.G.T. Mahón-Menorca.  As Menorca’s only remaining gin distillery, Xorigeur are keepers of a proud tradition.

Craft Distilling

Production in small batches using 200 year old wood fired copper stills defines Xorigeur as an authentic small batch distiller.

Juniper berries are sourced from the foot-hills of the Pyrenees, and are aged openly in crates for approximately 3 years. The salty sea air breeze wafts through the open distillery windows helping in the unique aging process. This is what gives Mahón Gin its smooth, dry quality.

Mahón Gin also uses a unique base spirit made from Xarel-lo and Parellada grape distillate from Penedes. Since the distillate is made from grapes rather than grain (which is the more common ingredient), the final product is smooth as well as gluten-free.