Langley's Gin

Our Story

Langley’s England is the aspirational home to classic, quality gins styled for modern settings.

With a taste for daring and originality, and with exploration and discovery at its heart, Langley’s England adheres to the rules of the finest crafted gin.

A Brief History of Gin

Back in the 1700s, less stringent gin laws had turned into Chaos. The Gin Act, finally recognised as unenforceable, was repealed in 1742 and a new policy, which distillers and botanists helped to draft, was introduced: reasonably high prices, reasonable excise duties and licensed retailers under the supervision of magistrates. In essence this is the situation which exists today.

These changes led to more respectable firms embarking on the business of distilling and retailing gin and it became the drink of high quality, which it has since remained.

Distilling Craft Gin

Crafting gin requires passion, dedication and expertise. Langley’s England captures the obsessive spirit necessary not only to succeed in a crowded industry but to create loyalty and longevity.

Langley’s England uses traditional methods but sources the best and most balanced ingredients and botanicals from around the world. This ensures each gin is refined and remains true to its original recipe, while enhancing modern sipping settings.