Friedrich's Gin

Our Story

Friedrichs products are based on a 250-year old tradition; the longstanding experience and craftsmanship of the Steinhäger distillery.

With a lot of love, down to the smallest detail and exquisite ingredients, a true masterpiece is created here.


Friedrichs Dry Gin with 45% vol. comes from the traditional gin and juniper distillery Steinhagen. It is lovingly made by hand and only in small batches. Distilled 3 times, this gin is based on juniper berries and other multifaceted ingredients, craftsmanship and juniper tradition, all bottled in a new and modern style.


Friedrichs Dry Gin is a “London Dry Gin” that is distilled over copper in Steinhagen, following a 250-year old juniper tradition. This gives Friedrichs a particularly soft taste. The addition of artificial flavors or colors is completely avoided.