Champagne Duntze

Our Story

Victor Duntze is giving new life to the G.F. Duntze brand created by his great-grandfather in 1913. Victor’s passion for Champagne comes from his great great grandfather, Freidrich, who founded the family wine estate of Cramant (Great Growth of Côte des Blancs) and built the most modern pressing equipment in the region, at the time.

With Victor’s experience as an oenologist and a former broker, he develops Champagnes de Terroirs revealing all the diversity and characteristics of their Champagne vineyards.


As a cooperative, Victor works with growers throughout the Champagne region, drawing on the best fruit from all terroirs. Each label highlights a specific ara within the Champagne region, be it La Vallée de la Marne, Barséquainais, Montagne des Reims, or Bergères les Vertus.


Because Champagne Duntze do not blend wines from the whole of Champagne for their wines, they are obliged to take the greatest care in the selection of grapes for each cuvee.   This allows Champagne Duntze to reveal the soils of Champagne in a quite personal way.

This way their own style is revealed by nature, and not by man.  The objective for each cuvee is to reveal the very essence of the soil from which they are grown.