Barossa Boy

Our Story

The Boy behind the wines is Trent Burge. A sixth generation Barossa winemaker, our founder Trent Burge grew up in and on Barossa soil. Barossa Boy crafts stories in wine that reflect the best of the region’s legendary characters.

Trent’s family history in the Barossa Valley goes back to 1855 when his great-great-great grandfather John Burge immigrated to South Australia. He began work as a winemaker, and every generation since has followed. Winemaking is well and truly in the Burge blood.

Six generations in the making, Barossa Boy crafts today’s enduring wine stories.


Fruit from the low-lying floor of the Barossa Valley is used across all wines, typically providing ripe, juicy flavours consistent with the classic Barossa style. The majority of our Barossa fruit is dry-grown, imparting deep and concentrated flavours.

​Cabernet Sauvignon for our Double Trouble Shiraz Cabernet is grown in family-owned Eden Valley vineyards. This picturesque neighbouring region has a higher altitude and cooler climate than the Barossa floor. Slower ripening and late harvest allows the accumulation of complex, refined flavours. Distinct, textured blackcurrant characters are the perfect complement to the big ripeness of valley floor Shiraz.


Time-honoured (and often time-consuming) winemaking methods are predominant. The occasional modern innovation creeps in, if it bolsters our confidence in quality. We view the entire winemaking process as custodianship and gentle guidance of our Barossa fruit, for sublime and honest regional expression.

​Fruit parcels are individually barrel matured for greatest control over the final blend. From a couple of preferred oak brands, Barossa Boy primarily selects French oak for its ability to add structure, and small amounts of American oak to add depth without overpowering. Fruit character foremost, with complementary oak, is our blending philosophy.

Our wines are crafted for rewarding enjoyment upon release, and to repay careful cellaring.